What is PRninja app?

PRninja is a developer’s roadmap to marketing and public relations for their video games, from planning and scheduling, to release and follow-up.

How did PRninja start?

We started out in 2010 by helping video game developers with public relations, marketing, and user acquisition. We then thought, “Hey, why not give developers access to these tools, and put the power in their hands directly?”  And so, PRninja was born. This app was developed with loving care by utilizing our extensive knowledge of public relations and the video gaming industry.

What makes PRninja unique?

PRninja offers a very unique service that is not yet offered by any other application. We are unusual in the following ways:

  • We provide interactive checklists for developers and PR/Marketing managers so that they will never forget something important;
  • We provide free insights into the video gaming industry along with advice on how to make the most out of your games;
  • We offer developers and marketing professionals detailed step-by-step public relations and marketing campaigns;
  • Our media lists are carefully selected and regularly updated.

I have PRninja now, should I fire my PR/Marketing Manager? 😉

PRninja is not intended to replace anyone or any department altogether. It is an addition to your team that helps you to straighten and organize your public relations and social media efforts… a roadmap, that will help you to shape your public relations and social media campaign, break into your desired market, and increase your game’s sales.

PRninja offers several PR campaign options. Which one should I choose?

The type and duration of your PR campaign depends on your personal preference. Generally, it is advisable to spend at least 2 to 6 weeks on the marketing and promotion of your game before its release.

  • The 2-week campaign is very intense and requires a lot of time and effort. It is a good choice if you are looking to launch your game as soon as possible. A 2-week campaign consists of two PR rounds, as well as the roadmap for activities such as sending out review requests, setting up interviews, working with social media, and organizing events.
  • The 4-week campaign has a little more space in it to allow you time to carefully follow all of the steps. At the same time it requires vigilance and a proactive approach.  The 4-week campaign takes you through three PR rounds.
  • The 6-week campaign is good because it gives you plenty of time to prepare for release, and to create enough buzz around your game.  This campaign also takes you through three PR rounds, with a bit more breathing room and time to focus your efforts.

I downloaded the Media List. What do I do now?

PRninja offers you lists of carefully selected media outlets that review video games, and that are constantly looking for new and exciting games. Once you download the list, go through those websites and find their contact info. Send them your press release, ask for an interview, or offer a game review code or demo. An example of how to find reviewers’ contact information is below.

Let’s say, we need to find the contact information for www.indiegamemag.com. Go to their website, click the “submit” button and you will find a submission field:


Below are couple of examples how to find contact emails on www.pocketgamer.co.uk and slidetoplay.com:



What if I would like to contribute to PRninja app and www.prninjaapp.com?

If you have valuable advice you would like to share with your fellow developers, email us your advice/writeup/article, along with your name, at support at prninjaapp.com. We’d prefer if you email your advice from a professional domain with the subject line “Article”, “Advice”, etc.