Imagine: one thousand games are released on a daily basis – casual  games, simulation  games, hardcore games, hidden-object games, strategy games… and your game is one of them. You might have created a cool mobile game, a game that will have a massive success. But unless your players know about it, it is just another game in an ocean of 1,5 million apps available for download on iOS and Android. How will your  game survive the competition? How can you help it to not get dumped to the bottom of the App Store and Google Play charts?

There are a few ways you can possibly choose. First, publish the game and wait until your success comes to you in the form of downloads. Sure, and you can go fishing, and wait for the fish to jump into your boat.  Another approach – invest in PR and marketing, which, by the way, will cost you plenty: an average PR agency will charge you some thousands of dollars per month for a 3-month minimum for their services. Believe me, I know. Is there a way to avoid spending that much? Luckily, with PRninja, patience and determination you can manage your marketing and public relations yourself. All you need is your iPad, an Internet connection, and a desire to succeed. Are you ready for a wonderful journey into the world of Public Relations, Marketing, and Social Media?

Who am I?

My name is Maryna, I am a Marketing and PR professional who is passionate about my job. I created this app to help young and ambitious developers, who are dreaming of breaking into the industry, to come and get what you guys (and girls) truly deserve. PRninja will walk you through the main rounds of PR for video games, and will give you all the necessary knowledge and links to create and execute your personal PR campaign for your video game – from planning and scheduling, to release and follow-up. You also have 24/7 access to inside information on the video gaming industry at www.prninjaapp.com, a list of media publications that might be interested in reviewing your game, as well as forums and blogs, so that you can be sure to reach your potential users.

Easy as 1-2-3

PRninja is very easy to use. Fill in all the requested information about your game, and see a detailed list of the activities you need to implement. Use the provided checklists, and get your basic PR plan and campaign done. Schedule your release, and enjoy your step-by-step campaign, and share it with your team.